Wednesday, 4 May 2011

White is the New Green!

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Now that the glamorous Royal wedding dress a la Grace Kelly has been revealed, we investigate what Eco-Fashion has to offer us princesses at heart this summer, and look through those high street brands that have adopted a radiant clean white theme.  We will even explore some beautifully crafted wedding dresses designed especially for a sustainable environment!
Personally, one brand which I am particularly excited about is H&M’s Conscious Collection released as part of the Spring/Summer range 2011. 

“The name Conscious describes our continuous work towards a more sustainable fashion future. Today and tomorrow.”  

H & M have wonderfully manufactured this range whilst respecting the environment, yet still managing to maintain their high quality in clothing at the best price for which they are renowned for. What is even better is that this is not a standalone collection, as H & M are continuing to test for better and “greener” materials, and  have been emphasising the importance of Style and Substance since 2009. 

By understanding the importance of their actions in relation to their affect on the environment, H & M have successfully grown to become a fine supporter and producer of Eco Fashion, with a greater corporate responsibility to the planet.
“Because good style also needs substance.”
Amour Vert has a unique blend of sustainable fabrics including organic cotton, bamboo and peace silk, all of which allow for durable, breathable, and more importantly, comfortable clothing.

Their philosophy is to produce fashionable clothes which have stemmed from organic materials, right from the beginning of the manufacturing process, by keeping pesticides and chemicals away from their soil and thus away from your skin.
“Amour Vert believes we can plant the seeds for a fundamental transition in the fashion industry in which the prevailing practice is one of sustainability and mindfulness.”

These casual yet chic designs are stitched, sewn and knitted by women who work in co-operatives certified by the World Trade Organisation. The delicate embroidery showcases the traditional skills of these women, and ultimately creates a unique selection of designs, each of which maintains a contemporary style. 

Something Borrowed, Something Green.

When the day finally comes to pick out your wedding dress, one hopes you will be able to find a gown that fits wonderfully, is constructed elegantly, and perhaps most significantly, is eco-friendly.
If you feel rather rebellious, perhaps consider Blushless, a sustainable high fashion brand specialising in bridal gowns. 

These bold and somewhat inventive designs aim to provide an alternative to the traditional wedding gowns and are created specifically for the ethically responsible bride.
But just because a wedding dress is Eco-friendly, does not necessarily mean it has to be an outlandish design-it can still be traditional. 

Take for instance, Motasem, which introduces luxury into eco-fashion with timeless designs such as this silky wedding dress, yet kept at affordable prices. Found online, each dress is produced only four or five times, guaranteeing you a practically one of a kind design. What is especially beautiful about these fabrics is the way they can be slightly altered and shaped to transform a wedding dress into a stunning cocktail dress.  
And once you have found the perfect dress for you, something fabulous for the wedding night can be found on the junction boutique website.

This limited edition collection of silk nightwear is made to an exceptionally high standard by the designer Anne Wiggins.

Of course, you do not have to be a blushing bride to purchase this elegant and understated camisole, as it can be worn as either lingerie or outerwear, and can be a fantastic buy for this summer. 

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